Saturday, December 13, 2014

Getting Back To It

I took a long break from modeling this summer; and spring; and fall. My last post was about our club's show and how much I enjoyed it, but then I just sort of stopped modeling.  There was no real reason other than I just wasn't motivated to do any.  I was going gun-ho on some altered wheelbase projects and ran into a paint problem on my 57 AWB Gasser project and it kind of took the wind out of my sails so to speak.  The other issue that comes up during the summer is my 1:1 scale 1959 Ford that I horse around with. In the spring i started building a stroker motor to put in it and then got side tracked with that.  At any rate, I'm back and now I have another issue. We recently moved.
I am amazed by the amount of crap I have because you never realize how much stuff you have acquired until you pack it up and move it. There is a lot of stuff you need to build models besides the 10 or 12 big boxes of model kits you have to move and then figure out where to put once you move.  On the plus side, I now have a much larger space for my work area and model kit storage area.
That brings up another problem, work area layout.  What is the best way to layout a work area?  I decided to put my 6 ft bench in the corner by the window and my spray booth close to that.  My kit storage will be along the opposite wall on shelves so that I can see the kits I'm going to rob for parts from my bench.  I also built a 15 ft bench along the wall beside the 6 footer as a work area for other things like resin casting and machining because I recently bought a lathe to machine parts.  I have a large open space in the middle for anything I might add later.  I think I covered everything and kept plenty of room for growth as my skills improve, in the meantime, I'll be busy building benches and adding wiring for plugs and lights, I hope I end up with the "perfect" shop.  Until next time.
"Rat Fink" Ron

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