Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Really Big Shew!

We recently had our annual Buckeye Classic Model Car Show here in Columbus and it went really well.  We got lots of positive feedback from all of the attendees and we had some great models and modelers show up.  I personally got a chance to meet some really great modelers and pick their brains a little.  We got coverage by the magazines, so guys can see their stuff in print.  The vendor room was full, but not so full we couldn't get more vendors in and I think all of the vendors did well, the couple I talked to sold almost everything.  The weather was chilly but sunny, so people would rather be inside with models rather than outside doing yard work, but not so cold and nasty so they wanted to stay home.  We had a new venue this year that everyone really likes and it was much easier for the vendors to load and unload.  There were no big problems and no big conflicts.  Everything went well.
So how does all of this happen?  Hard work by lots of people.  Our club really comes together to make this happen and everyone chips in to help.  From set up to tear down, we had lots of guys show up, carry tables, sweep floors, arrange stuff, and make sure all went well.  We had lots of help from some of the wives that took money, counted votes, and sold 50/50 tickets, you know, all the stuff that takes a brain!
It strikes me as very strange that I heard no complaints.  Let's face it, people like to complain, if there is some minor thing to complain about, folks will do it.  Nobody did.  Now I'm not complaining about no one complaining, but it's a little odd.  I'm just glad everyone had a good time.
Here's what I would like to see; more vendors and more contestants!  If you have a cottage business involving model cars in any way, you need to be at this show.  The tables are cheap on purpose, so you can make money on your stuff, and the admission to the show is cheap on purpose, so that guys will spend money on models not entry fees.  If you build model cars at any skill level, you need to attend.  Entry fees are cheap so you can enter as many models as you like, don't sweat whether or not they are "contest" quality, it's about having fun with the hobby you enjoy.  If you are an expert builder, it gives you a chance to help others improve their builds and they can enjoy the hobby more.  If you are a novice modeler, it gives you a chance to see what others are doing and ask them how they did it.  If you live within 3 hours or so of Columbus, Ohio, you need to attend this show!  Our club wants to return to the idea that a show is about hanging out talking models and showing off your skills.
Having said the above, am I unhappy with our turnout? Nope, we had a really good turn out.  I just have such a good time that I would like more people to share the experience.  So if you live in Australia, Alabama, Albania, or Alaska, go to your local show, hang out, talk models, and you might get the chance to share something that you did to help another modeler enjoy the hobby more.
"Rat Fink" Ron

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  1. This was my first event as a member of BSAC, and I agree completely! It was Greta time. I got to meet some of the modelers whose work I admire. I am looking forward to next year.