Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Best Laid Plans...

I've been working on two projects for what seems like forever, and I'm kind of tired of them.  I'm not bored with them, I just want them to be done.  I still think they are great projects, but they are taking a long time to complete.  I'm at that point in the build where I'm down to the itty-bitty details that seem to make or break a build.  I want to be done so I begin to get in the mindset that I just want to get it done because it will be so cool when it's finished.  I start to rush and make mistakes which causes set backs.  I did some bodywork on my '68 Mustang and I was going to shave the door handles off and use some out of another kit to replace the molded in ones that are already on the body.  I shot the primer without shaving the handles off, more body work and more primer.  Instead of doing it once, I now have to do it twice.
At the same time, my 1957 Ford project has hit a snag, paint.  I finished the body work, primed it, and shot a gorgeous coat of light blue pearl paint on it, then cleared it.  It looked really good, even the wife was impressed.  I noticed some light orange peel in the paint so I wet sanded it and of course, I went through.  I guess I was a little heavy handed.  Well, back to square one.  Strip it , reprime it, and I planned to paint it today; except, I can't.  I have to repaint the underside of the body with enamel paint which takes forever to dry. So I guess I'm repainting it next week.
What makes these two event worse is, I have the local IPMS show coming up next month and the Mustang is kind of being built specifically for this show.  I'm not real sure it will be done.  The '57 Ford needs to be done by the end of March, I'm pretty sure it will make it.  The next project will be box stock, just to keep it simple!
"Rat Fink" Ron

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